Unleash the Potential of the Cloud

The way organizations use and consume IT resources is rapidly changing. Cloud computing and IT as a Service models can increase IT capacity and capabilities instantly-but many organizations do not have necessary expertise to support a journey to the cloud. While cloud computing promises the speed, agility and scalability to drive innovation and lower costs, it helps to have a cloud consulting partner with proven expertise in tailoring cloud solutions that align with your business.

At Reddot Infotech, we help organizations transform their IT environments with innovative cloud computing solutions. Through cloud assessment, strategy and capability services, we can help you scale rapidly and capitalize on market opportunities faster.

Here’s how Reddot Infotech helps organizations accelerate innovation with cloud services:

  • Cloud Consulting and Strategy prepares your organization by analyzing and evaluating application and business models, creating a detailed roadmap for your transition to the cloud.
  • Solutions, Engineering and Migration ensure a smooth transition to the cloud that includes SaaS and Enablement platforms, testing frameworks, and accelerators for private, public and hybrid clouds.
  • Cloud Management and Operations maximize your cloud investment’s availability, speed and agility and allow your IT team to focus on important business issues.
  • Cloud Broker allows IT and telecom services to expand and optimize their service offerings. Our innovative MWatch platform helps enterprises converge and manage cloud and non-cloud services; Reddot Infotech VMUnify enables the setup and delivery of Infrastructure as a service.

From using the cloud to implement SaaS products, deliver rapid automation and generate new revenue streams to building, monitoring and managing data centers for cloud service providers, we can help you transition to a cloud solution that fits your business.

Welcome to Possible: New Revenue Streams for Enterprise Search Provider
When a leading provider of enterprise search solutions needed to make its key enterprise product available to customers through a cloud-based platform, they selected Reddot Infotech for the solution. Reddot Infotech designed and developed the high-level architecture and the new application and ported it to Windows Azure. Reddot Infotech also provided 24×7 development support, monitored existing customer instances and tested the performance of Azure virtual machines. The new solution enabled new revenue streams through search as a service, optimized application performance and resource utilization, ensured reliability, high availability, automatic provisioning and security.