Healthcare & Life Sciences

Healthcare & Life Sciences is being revolutionized by connected systems, electronic record keeping and smart management software. In addition, wireless connectivity in the form of Bluetooth devices, RFID systems and Wi-Fi enabled equipment have created a new medical environment.

Healthcare & Life Sciences Independent Software Vendors (ISV) must keep pace with advancing technology and ever changing regulatory compliances to be ahead in the industry.

Reddot Infotech has assembled a wealth of experience in developing software for the Healthcare and Life-Science industry. We offer our client an array of technology capabilities, strong healthcare domain knowledge and deep expertise in healthcare software engineering.

Reddot Infotech is focused on developing Enterprise Solutions that promote mobility, collaboration and data exchange as well as increase ROI. These cutting edge solutions promote business process optimization and are regulatory compliant. Reddot Infotech has developed numerous healthcare applications across the spectrum of mobile technologies including Android, iOS, Blackberry, etc. 

Reddot Infotech has also assisted many healthcare ISVs in migrating to Cloud. We help numerous clients to identify the right cloud computing platform, analyze architecture gap and provide engineering services for re-architecture and support/maintenance.

We have worked with a wide range of customers including Pharmaceutical Companies, Medical Device Manufacturers, Healthcare ISVs, Lab Automation Vendors, etc. The verticals mentioned below are intended to give a brief idea about our expertise in the Healthcare domain:

Healthcare & Life Sciences
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