Logi Info allows IT to quickly build and deploy web-based dashboards, reports, and interactive analytics and deploy them to any size audience for a single price. Unlike traditional BI solutions, you can be up and running in days, not months, and unlike tool sets, you can easily manage your apps to suit changing end-user needs. You can even build solutions that let end-users build, save, and manage their own views of their data, all while retaining the control and security you require. Best of all, you can serve as many users as you want without growing your cost.

The underlying technology that makes this possible includes a high-performance Web engine together with a desktop authoring system that comes with hundreds of pre-built modules and visual elements that all work together seamlessly. In addition, our architecture requires no intermediate repository, so set up and deployment is incredibly fast, and you can quickly access and combine almost any kind of data sources.

LogiXML’s two BI tools are very similar. While the Info is more geared toward technical power users, the less powerful Ad Hoc option is more business user friendly. This seems to be fairly standard among most companies’ BI offerings and LogiXML is toeing that line fairly effectively. That said, most of our training focused on LogiXML Info and that’s where the majority of this post will focus.

Development of Report With Various Data SourcesDashboard DevelopmentDevelopment of Reporting App With Logi Ad HocExports
  • SQL Server
  • My SQL
  • OLAP Datasource
  • SOAP Web Services
  • Rest Services
  • Customization of the look and feel with the external CSS files
  • Drill Down in the same panel of the widget
  • Integration with the Rest web service
  • Implementation of the Logi security Authentication
  • Session management
  • Implementation of the logi process and task
  • Charting & dashboard Implementation
  • Maps & Google maps Integration
  • Export report data to a CVS file
  • Export report as an Excel file
  • Export report as an Adobe PDF file
  • Export report as a Word document