Medical Billing


Medical Billing


Medical billing translates a health care service into a billing claim. The responsibility of the medical biller in a health care facility is to follow that claim to ensure the practice receives reimbursement for the work the providers perform. A knowledgeable biller can optimize revenue performance for the practice.

Medical billing software controls the lifeblood of your practice: cash flow. That’s why it’s so important for your medical billing software to be able to streamline your claim submission, provide excellent reporting so you can manage your cash flow, and speed your payment time.

Electronic medical billing software in the cloud allows you to manage both your insurance and patient payments more accurately than was ever possible with old style client-sever applications. From charging and posting to denial management to patient billing, it’s all more accurate with state of the art web-based medical billing software. In addition, the our shared intelligence model of cloud-based electronic medical billing software allows your practice to take advantage of the learning experience derived from millions of claim submissions to prevent and manage denials.

Web-based medical billing software is now the gold standard in healthcare, since providers and billers want to have the ability to access their system from anywhere. Being able to work from anywhere means that your cash flow isn’t interrupted by natural disasters or other emergencies and that your data is persistently backed up.

It is becoming ever more complex and takes more expertise to bill and collect. We at Reddot Infotech stay on top of changes and constantly analyze charges and reimbursements to make sure you are not leaving the money on the table. Quick billing and intense follow up by our experienced staff brings results that delight our clients.

Reddot Infotech medical billing service provides complete practice management solution for healthcare providers. We utilize our experienced staff and leading software solutions to deliver quality service. Claims will be billed within 24 hours. Prior to transmitting to insurances, claims go through our intelligent scrub engine to make sure what we submit will get paid. In addition, we get positive confirmations that claim will indeed be paid. This minimizes unpaid claims. We will also work with your practice to introduce and implement best practices.

The procedure code capture promotes code capture during workflow, and allows automatic code capture, to reduce errors and increase efficiency. Accurate and prompt code capture could potentially increase reimbursement by preventing the loss of codes. Codes can be billed directly from software, or though HL7 interfaces, these codes can be transmitted to hospital billing information management systems.

Reports help administrators identify completed appointments that are lacking matching codes, and filters allow users to review codes by patient and/or over date ranges.

Full visibility and control of transaction posting and charge balance management streamlines the payment posting and follow-up process. The system’s flexible ledger displays provide up-to-the-minute financial data while insurance collections tools expose potential A/R issues.

Our full service medical billing include: