Mobile App Development

The new world is little challenging!

Handheld devices are dominating and challenging the technology industry. We develop mobile applications that work well in all devices and respective hardware. Though creating mobile applications is not an exclusive approach for enterprises any more, however creating better looking, performing and responding mobileapplications are still a challenge. We have built expertise in both enterprise and consumer applications on almost all mobile technologies for platforms like iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Symbian and J2ME.

Enterprise Mobile Applications can help you improve the services you present to your clients. For example, when meeting with your clients you can present your customer relationship management system over the internet which allows you to update client information even if you are away from the office. Use of such specialized technology and interfaces help you earn more credibility and make you look like a very serious organization. Although an enterprise application need not to have a very attracting interface but it is very essential that it provides the user with a range of hardcore functionality.

Organizations also provide application for their retail customers for better accessibility and penetration. It let their customers interact with them on the go and thus enhances the order volume received by the company.Mobile technology has increasingly been in demand by many businesses. It has revolutionized the way people interact with websites and companies. It is very important for business holders to have a cross platform mobiledevelopment application which can be accessed by potential users across a range of devices and screen sizes.

Reddot Infotech provide cutting edge mobile application solutions:

iPhone Application Development: 
With iPad and iPhone dominating smartphone market it is strategically important to make your application compatible with iOS. We offer innovative, interactive, and user friendly iPhone and iPad application development services in sync with your business and technology requirement. iOS applications are highly customized for the devices they are supposed to be used. They certainly have an edge over other mobile OS application performance in terms of hardware and software support.

Android Application Development:
We provide flexible and highly scalable Android application development solutions that cater to all industries and domain. Our developed mobile applications are adaptable to traditional as well as new age smartphones. Android platform has emerged as a very important mobile operating system. The popularity of Android has increased very significantly and there is plethora of devices powered by this OS. The main problem in Android development is of providing support to a range of very different products. Unlike iPhone the hardware for Android devices is manufactured by a variety of manufacturers and among them too there are a variety of screen sizes and hardware specification. It is essential that it is made sure that the application is working reliably for all the user devices.

Multi-Platform Mobile Application Development: 
We develop robust and flexible mobile applications that work well in all the OS and browsers from a single code base. These applications are developed in HTML5 mobile application, CSS3 and JavaScript. There are still a number of smartphone apart from Android, iPhone and other major players. But we make sure that you do not lose any customers on other platforms too in terms of reach and service delivery. We develop applications and mobile versions which provide the users ease of access and unbeatable support. In the cut throat competition world like today it has become very important that you do not leave anybody uncovered.

Benefits of developing cross platform mobile application:

  • The more platforms you cover, the more clients you will be able to reach. With Apple’s iPhone applications and Google’s Android application fighting for top positions worldwide, the number of smart phone users for these platforms are increasing day by day.
  • When you have a larger number of fans then marketing becomes easier in the sense that you do not have to generate separate messages to provide to a specific set of people.
  • It is easier to preserve and organize changes when your team is developing one application that runs across all platforms.
  • Your reach and credibility increases significantly.
  • A lot of customers may not like to download and install your application because of various reasons. Providing a cross platform supported structure makes sure that those users are also able to access your services very easily.

There is no doubt that customer base for most of the businesses are shifting very fast towards the mobileplatforms. There are a number of users which like to use their mobile only for interacting with the companies providing them various services. It provides them various benefits in respect of using a full website. The most important one is the ability to access these services on the go and utilize their idle time.