Mobile Applications Will Transform All Business Processes

Using Mobile Apps to Build Your Business

The software programs used for hand held communication devices including tablet computers, mobile phones, gaming consoles and personal digital assistants are known as mobile applications or mobile apps. A large number of mobile apps are available these days on various app stores due to increasing use of mobile devices. Software distribution platforms of different companies like Google Play, Apple App Store, BlackBerry App World and Windows Phone Marketplace offer more than a million mobile apps which can be used for various purposes including building your business.

Use of mobile apps for building business

Some of the small and medium businesses use these mobile apps for helping their customers to improve their business processes whereas others are building their business by developing these apps for selling to other users or for the use of their own staff.

Help of mobile app to businesses

  • Mobile apps like transaction or banking apps provide services to their customers.
  • Apps that help in improving customer experience and relationships add value to the business
  • Selling apps as intellectual property of the business helps in making money
  • Some apps can be used as tools for the frontline workers to help them in managing inventories, accessing customer database and filling timesheets.

In this way mobile apps help in resolving the problems of customers as well as businesses. They need not sit before a computer to get information about your business as these apps can inform them even on their move. Booking of a nearest hotel room or getting information about the stock before submitting order with the help of app are some of the good example of using mobile apps for building business.

Till now mobile apps are developed for building business by large establishments including banks etc. Small and medium business owners are still observing their potential or at the initial stage of developing apps for their business.

How businesses can make money through mobile apps?

Businesses can potentially build their business

  • By selling mobile apps to basic users
  • By selling mobile apps to the people who want to upgrade and use it for the benefit of their business.
  • By selling listings and advertisement opportunities on the app. Listing of suppliers against payment on the mobile app of an event planner can be a good example of making money by businesses.
  • Some businesses use apps not for making money directly but they build benefits for it like improving customer experience or increasing customer loyalty etc.

Thus one can build his business by using mobile apps.