Mobile UI Design

Creating different experience!

User Interface design plays very significant role in the success of any mobile based applications. It is so important that it is the deciding factor whether the application will be successful or not as it is the very first interaction between a user and the application. No matter how good is your application, if you do not have a simple, appealing and user friendly design the application will not work. Our team has advanced knowledge of iOS and Android apps that helps us to create appealing Mobile UI designs that work well in all the OS. Our systematic approach leads to the effective UIs that function well without any flaws.

We provide you Mobile UI designs which are in synch with today’s design trends and goes well with your existing applications. These designs help you to attract and acquire customer for your products/services and present your brand well in the market. Moreover it gives your existing user a defining experience altogether.

It has been observed that even the average service providers are capable of attracting a large sum of users with their services which are very easy to use by their customers. In this regard even a great mobile icon design can help. This is due to the fact that whatever appeals to the eyes is most likely to be used by the visitors.

A mobile UI constitute the support of the application too. The application must be seamlessly integrated with the operating system of the mobile be it Android, iPhone or any such other. Only in this case it will be possible for themobile application to perform appropriately otherwise the application will hang and run slow. An extensive experience and knowledge of the mobile platform is necessary for this and we proudly feel very confident ourselves for catering for all your needs because of our experience with all major mobile platforms.

We provide our services in every segment from mobile application UI to back end infrastructure, from mobiletheme design to mobile widget design. Our services are completely customizable according to your needs. We provide completely responsive and integrated application UI according to your needs.

iPhone / iPad App UI Design:
We create interactive iPhone and iPad UI design that helps you interact better with the user and give them world class experience. Our UI designs are compatible to any device and browser. While creating UI design for iPhone, iPad or any other OS we make sure we cover three basic ingredients of a UI design – clean, ease to use and responsive.

Our special focus in these application designs is to add the required grandeur as needed for the Apple devices which suite to the personality of the users of these devices. Our knowledge and understanding of these platforms make sure that a great UI according to your requirements is delivered to you in the least time possible.

Mobile Widget / Gadget Design:
Mobile widget that runs on different mobile platform today has emerged as a new type of applications. As a result it has become a challenge to create better looking and user friendly mobilewidgets and mobile gadgets. We offer you an UI that not only goes well with your applications but also provides an environment where you can engage the user better than ever.

The main function of these smaller and specialized applications is the faster accessibility. Thus it must also be kept in mind that these are not full-fledged applications but are meant for a quick access for the targeted app. In short it can be said that these are the smaller applications for the mobile applications itself. In this we make sure that the widget so provided are able to fulfil their functions completely and conveniently. Also they are so designed which suits the personality of the application users.

Mobile Themes Design:
We create custom mobile themes that go well and in sync with all mobile devices. Mobilethemes that we design are quickly loadable, search engine friendly, browser compatible and user friendly.

We are capable of delivering a single application with multiple theme option also. There can be two approaches in this regard. Either you can choose a theme to be deployed for your users or you can deploy both themes with an option for the users to switch among them conveniently.

Mobile Icons Design:
The first thing that a person sees on its smartphone is the mobile icon of an app and look and feel of the icon plays important role as to whether the person is going to use it or not. The icon has to be very clear, interactive and self-explanatory. We keep these factors in mind while creating any mobile app icon.

There is no doubt that a great icon can add to the grandeur of the application and can lure the users to use the application even more.