The world is getting portable, are you ready yet!

Mobile is the calling of today, if you have not started yet you may be late but still have chance to make up for it. Today the world prefers to use mobile to play games, do their business / household transactions and surf internet. It’s time to make most out of this next generation technology by adapting it in a most apt way. Our Mobility solutions are designed to help our clients achieve their mobility objectives, whether they are just starting out with their mobile planning, trying to take advantage of the tremendous productivity and reach opportunities, or optimizing their infrastructures for mobile solutions.

As many people access the internet through mobile, a company’s online resources like website, social media and online content will require to work well on mobile devices of all brands and services. With an excess use of mobile continues, mobile-first marketing promotions will become more established.

As users completely integrate with smart phones and tablets into their everyday life, they will use social channels on their mobile devices while limited-use apps, consumer engender reviews and mobile cases will balance this movement. More and more organizations are turning to their services to mobile platform. It gives them advantage of better exposure and all time availability of their services to the users. All kudos goes to the fantastic upsurge in mobile devices development. No doubt these mobility solutions are working to a great length for the users.

Mobile devices are not just means of communication today they are used for variety of services. It would not be inappropriate to claim that mobile devices are advancing to take place of the personal computer even if the major manifestation is evident in form of tablets and fablets. With this the importance of a mobile application company increases. Today demand for an android application development company is increasing for the same reason. Although in India there is a lesser penetration of iPhone devices still the presence of iPhone application Development Company is important and services of these are likely to be utilised.

Our focused mobile solutions are:


Mobile Interface Design and theme are crucial when designing a layout for mobile application. We create, customize and integrate various Mobile Themes and Mobile icons design that work well in all platforms and networks.

A user interface is not all about the beautification of the working environment of the applications. The main function should always be the utility of the interface. The interface must be well research and properly executed. All the options that are likely to be used most must be readily available. These must be so provided while compromising with the lesser used options and hiding them out of the limelight and providing them in menu bars.

In most of the applications it is seen that the main utility is a singular objective for which the applications are designed. The main focus should be thrown on that only and the interface must be made as cleaner as possible.


We provide technology-driven mobile application development that meets the strategic objectives of our clients. We also develop cross platform applications using HTML5. Being a complete Mobile solutions company we make sure that your mobile applications are so designed which keep in mind the requirements of your users. A basic need of such application is the compromise with the screen space and functionality.

In the Apple devices this becomes extremely important factor. IPhone screens are mostly smaller than the android devices and require appropriate strategy to provide for the customer needs. Same is the case for the lower end Android mobile devices which have smaller screen sizes. But the important thing is that these mobile phone users constitute an important fraction of the customer base of any business company and they cannot be ignored even slightly.


We help you to develop seamless integration and automated data processing with any third party system with ease and reliability. We design and build your forms for your mobile applications that is easier to manage and more efficient at the same time.

Today for faster results a unique approach to integrate the application with third party service, most likely a social media service, is common. This enables the company to seamlessly integrate with the targeted social media interface with the benefit of better managing their customers. It also adds to the safety and security features. This avails the developers to with a wide range of forum solutions to serve the clients better.

Whatever your requirement be Reddot Infotech is extremely capable of addressing those with cutting edge solutions. We provide enterprise mobile solution with an aim to help the client business in real time and with real advantages.