Web loves it, so is the developer!

It is the most extensively used language that can be used to create anything on the web from a blog or a small website to any kind of rich web based applications. Reddot Infotech has experience and knowledge in developing rich web applications and heavy dynamic websites with equal ease in PHP development and SQL development environment.

No doubt web applications have become such a pervasive trend. However due to their well procedural and compound nature, web applications are broadly indefinite and a grossly misapprehend fixture in our everyday virtual life. Best advantage of structuring and maintaining web applications is that they execute their purpose irrespective of the operating system and browsers running on client side.

PHP is executed on the server and the browser only receives the processed HTML pages. It saves the user to install any processing engines on their side instead the CPU processing requirements are reduced to a great extent. Very complex processing is also hassle free in this as the servers are usually very capable and resources are re-deployable according to the increasing demand. Even if the processing requirements grows significantly more processors can be deployed on the server to handle the requirements more easily. The advent of cloud computing has also helped in the growth of the PHP as the resources are more manageable by using the cloud technology.

PHP Web Development: We offer complete set of PHP5 web development solutions like creating forums, communities, eCommerce portal, websites, online shopping carts and any other web based application. We deliver comprehensive enterprise solutions that are customized to comply with your business objectives. The provided infrastructure will be completely safe and equipped with most advance feature to get the maximum of the available technology. We deliver projects comparatively faster in comparison of our competitors and hence have an edge over them.

Zend Development: We provide robust Zend development solutions that are based on client’s current and future requirements by anticipating the future requirements. Our solutions include Zend Framework, Zend Customization, PHP-Zend Development, Zend Web Services, Zend Integration and much more.

We provide you applications in Zend Framework which are fully object-oriented structure and develops using lot of object-oriented conceptions like inheritance and interfaces. It permits developers to execute their own special distinction of entity mechanism without having to hack into the Zend Framework code base itself.

Cake PHP Development: Cake PHP is widely used due to its compatibility with PHP4 and PHP5 versions of PHP. Cake PHP offers an efficient and flexible licensing platform that makes the entire web development process faster and better.

PHP Application Development: We provide custom PHP applications that are highly scalable, robust and secure. PHP is best suited for highly rich internet applications and dynamic websites.

Recently PHP has received a version update. It is available with the name of PH5 and provides an edge over the previous version. PHP5 is enhanced in such a way that the language is more

  • Robust- PHP is now capable to handle the projects and infrastructure even more and is completely stable.
  • Secure – many minor major security problems are fixed to make sure that PHP is now even more secure and reliable.
  • Faster – PHP is already a very fast language for various web based projects. With the newer version the speed is dramatically enhanced.
  • Easier to code with – it is also very important for a coding language that coders feel comfortable in the language to code. PHP is already very easy to learn and code with. In the newer version many complexities and problems are fixed to improve the workability of this already coder friendly coding language.

Advantages of PHP5

  • Enhanced support of existing content managing systems. These content managing systems are pre packed packages for managing the websites with a fixed requirement domain. PHP has been a very favorite content management coding language. In the newer version the support for such features is increased many folds.
  • Reduced utilization of resources e.g. RAMS. The functions re executed on server side as the language itself is a server side executing language. Still many advancements are made to make sure that the websites coded in the language are even less resources requiring.
  • Improved security against development of vulnerabilities in PHP scripts. The let in windows are closed and it is made sure that no security threat can be observed in the projects with the language.
  • Easier programming through new functions and extensions. PHP however very customizable because of this fact requires lengthy codes to be written for various tasks sometime. This although allowing the coder to completely provide for the pinpointed needs of the project can sometime be exhausting. In the newer version this problem is also fixed with a range of new functions which let the coder use them directly to produce the same results in a lesser time.