Responsive Web Design

We create masterpiece and not just design!

Reddot Infotech takes you ahead of just having a meaningless web presence. While creating a website we make sure that our clients get a strong online presence and achieve their objectives. Our designs are not only creative and unique but also take care of today’s technology advancement like handheld device and cross-browser compatibility using latest HTML5 and CSS 3.0 etc.

Responsive Website: -

In today’s technology environment a website is incomplete and incompetent if it cannot be viewed on mobile and tablet. We design responsive websites using latest HTML5 and CSS3 to not only make them look better but also viewable in all the devices with equal ease. Every business today is looking to build a mobile edition of their website. Responsive design is the approach that recommends that design and progress should counter to the user’s behavior and background based on screen size, platform and orientation. The practice consists of a mix of flexible grids and layouts, images and an intellectual use of CSS intermediate queries.

Over time various structural problems also arises and bugs are also needed to be fixed. Thus managing a website is very important for responsive website. Mobile website is more responsive because it is very light and by making the websites lighter in same way the normal websites can be made to perform better. It is very important that your website is responsive for a variety of platforms and operating systems. It includes support and accessibility across the platforms and usability without interruption. It must consume system resources as little as possible and must be very pleasant for the user to experience. Various approaches and technologies can be utilized for this purpose.

Give New Life to Your Website with Responsive Web Design

HTML5 Website: HTML5 is very light to use with and the website coded with the help of this are very responsive. Inbuilt video and audio playback functionality without the use of any external player like flash is the added advantage which makes it even lighter as the processing requirements are less.

HTML5 offers various advantages over the earlier version HTML versions. With the introduction of HTML5 various limitations with HTML have been lifted. Following are some of the advancements:

  • Introduction of New Elements – these new elements cover many new actions and exhaustive coding is not necessary making coding process fast and more responsive.
  • New Attributes for enhanced properties and control – individual properties can be controlled much better. Their response can be tined in most favourable way.
  • Full support for CSS3 to avail maximum functionality – the new version of CSS has a lot to offer and HTML5 integrates seamlessly with it.
  • Integrated audio and video support – no external plugins are required for audio and video support anymore. Inbuilt functions are available for playing the browser supported extensions.
  • 2D and 3D Graphics support – the graphical offerings have also increased.
  • Local Storage functionality – various webpages can make their local databases for storage of data temporarily if allowed. This revolutionizes the way the surfing is done by making it way safer and fast.
  • Local Databases – local databases can be deployed which are available for the respective website unless permission is denied.
  • Web Applications support – it supports and integrates various web applications.

Parallax Web Design: It makes the website lighter with help of reducing the load on servers and managing it. It is a special technique for scrolling in computer graphics. It has helped tremendously in video games and other 2d/3d graphics. After its evolvement such way it has grown tremendously. Now various techniques have been formulated and are used in video games consoles.

Bootstrap: It manages the resource utilization and makes your structure performs better. Bootstrapping sustains without any external support and is completely self- sustaining. It’s the reason it is used in UI designs very much. The term evolved way beck in 19th century for the purpose of intimating the context of resetting. However with the invention of operating systems the term was used to mark the process of self-sustentation of the operating system. However in any way the method is used to enhance the front end frameworks.

Flat UI: An interface without any such interface enhancements which increases the processing requirements are also used to make the page more responsive and make the performance even better. It itself is a free bootstrapping framework. It is a powerful framework to revolutionize the way your website looks.

Reddot Infotech Responsive Web Design and Development Methodology

We make sure that your website is completely responsive in every aspect. We follow our step by step approach to reach this target. Here are the guidelines we follow:

  • We believe in assessing the requirements properly. We stay updated with the real time data and calculate precisely how much load the website is going to face actually.
  • We develop a cross platform website so that even when changing the platform the performance of the website does not change.
  • We try to choose, with your careful supervision the best technology that should be used in your project. It is so chosen that it addresses your future requirements also and it is made sure that the chosen technology is able to perform in all condition that it may face.
  • We know that although we know about the technology but you know about the business and we take pride in asking you in which way or expertise can help your business in spite of telling you the way in which we can help you. We provide you complete information and inform you completely. But in the last your decisions are all that matters and we prepare the project according to your description and requirements.
  • We provide a warranty for the previously decided period which covers fixes for all problems that may arise with the system although we seriously doubt that you will have to ever use this facility because of our methodology of extensively testing everything before delivering it.
  • We make sure that we test the provided website properly on all major browsers and operating system on which it may ever be used.

Our process is so carefully designed that the website you receive is completely responsive according to your requirements and it actually helps you to grow and project your business in a competitive manner.