System Programming


System Programming


System programming (or systems programming) is the activity of computer programming system software. The primary distinguishing characteristic of systems programming when compared to application programming is that application programming aims to produce software which provides services to the user (e.g. word processor), whereas systems programming aims to produce software which provides services to the computer hardware (e.g. disk defragmenter). It requires a greater degree of hardware awareness.

The interface provided by an op erating system for applications to use when accessing system resources is called the operating system’s application programming interface (API).

Reddot Infotech develop products in the Win32 API and OS internals domain.

Our Skills are:

Kernel Level DevelopmentDesktop Security SolutionsTerminal Services Enhancements & VirtualizationAdvanced Printing SolutionsTelephony SolutionsInstallersCross Platform Development
  • File Filter Driver
  • Printer Driver
  • USB Drivers
  • DirectShow Filters
  • AntiMalware and AntiVirus Product Development
  • Application Whitelisting Solution
  • Windows Desktop Lockdown / Custom Policy Enforcement
  • Recording of Terminal Sessions for auditing purposes
  • User Activity Monitoring in stealth mode
  • Enhancements to services offered by RDP
  • Universal printing
  • File association with server side application
  • Seamless application experience for applications running inside RDP session
  • Content Redirection
  • Universal printer driver
  • Remote automatic installation of required printer drivers for RDP sessions
  • Advanced Layouts for printing, zines, French Cut, etc
  • Customized Printer Driver UI
  • Printer output parsing & converting to more portable graphics formats.
  • Asterisk PBX Customization
  • Custom SoftPhone development using VoIP SDK
  • TAPI like interface development for SIP
  • Highly sophisticated installer development using InstallShield, WISE, Wix, Wix Burn
  • Qt based Desktop application development for Windows, Mac and Linux